Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What can I expect from my consultation?

Every consultation we have is different, depending on where you are at with your bridal shopping, and how you are feeling about the journey ahead! Generally though, we invite you to enjoy browsing the gowns whilst picking out your favourites to try. We will then enter one of our private fitting rooms, where your friends and family can relax, whilst you enjoy finding your perfect bridal look. There is always the option for you to pick some more gowns on to try or your stylist would be happy to choose some for you. That way you might try something that you wouldn’t have picked out yourself. If you don’t try, you don’t know! We absolutely appreciate that for lots of ladies, entering a bridal shop, as THE BRIDE, is quite daunting and surreal. But please don’t fret – we have a very relaxed atmosphere and it is our job and our pleasure to walk you through, step by step, from the moment we first meet you, to the moment you collect your gown. There are endless cups of tea and laughs to enjoy while you experience one of your biggest milestones as a Bride to be.

How long will my consultation be?

We allow 2 hours for our brides and 1-2 hours for bridesmaids, depending on how many there are. We are very flexible though so don’t feel that you have to fill the time and if you need more time and we can, you are welcome to stay longer!

Do I need to bring anything?

No, in short! You do not need to bring anything, just your excitement and an open mind. We have a podium for you to stand on, so no need to worry about bringing any shoes, and we have all the accessories you could dream of! If you have any accessories that you have already decided you would like to wear, then please bring them with you so they can be teamed with your gown. You may wish to wear a strapless bra so you are not distracted by any bra straps showing, although these can always be tucked away. If you have any pictures of styles that you like then do bring them along as it will give us a starting point. And we always love to see your mood boards and anything you are using as inspiration for your Wedding theme.

I have a few people that would like to come with me, is that alright?

Of course! We have large, private fitting rooms, perfect for your guests to relax whilst you enjoy trying on your pick of the gowns. Any more than 6 and it can get a little snug, but as long as they are happy to cosy up, that’s fine with us. It is just worth bearing in mind that with more people comes more opinions which can become a little overwhelming for you. That being said, it’s YOUR special time and if you would like to bring an entourage, then please bring them – whatever feels right for you. Please tell us when booking your appointment if you are bringing several guests so we can ensure we have enough seats ready.

Is it OK to bring children along?

Absolutely! We have a very relaxed family atmosphere and want everyone to feel welcome with us. We even have some toys so your children can enjoy the experience as well!

When should I start my dress shopping?

Usually a good time to start shopping for your bridal gown is around 1 year before your wedding, you will then be shopping the latest season’s styles and have enough time to ensure you have the maximum choice, as some gowns can take up to 6 months to arrive. Bear in mind that you also need to factor in time for fittings and alterations as well. We would normally allow 2-3 months to accommodate you and your schedule and to ensure you are completely happy with your gown in good time, eliminating any unnecessary last minute stress.

However everybody is different and it is not uncommon for brides to get their gown sorted much earlier as this offers benefits such as being able to spread the cost over a longer period of time, it also allows you more time to plan other things that follow on from it such as colour themes and bridesmaids dresses.

Above all remember that it is YOUR wedding and you can do it your way. So whether you are super organised or a ‘last minute bride’ don’t feel pressure and trust your instincts.

Do I need to pay a deposit and when do I have to pay the balance?

Normally we would require a 50% deposit when you place your order. However, we appreciate that this can be a lot of money to find, we also offer the option of a simple and flexible payment plan, tailored to you. Feel free to get in touch for more details, or you can speak to your consultant during you appointment, if you would prefer.


What size samples do you have?

Our samples range from a 10 to a 26. Try not to worry too much about the size of sample dresses as they are nothing like high street sizes. Don’t rule out trying dresses that are too big or too small for you as we have ways of making them fit!

Do you price match or offer discount if I order more than one bridesmaid dress?

We keep all our prices as fair, honest and competitive as possible. (Consequently, we have never been asked to price match!) So unfortunately, we can not price match or offer discounts on multiple bridesmaid dress orders. However, if you choose to order your gown and your bridesmaid dresses with us, we would love to offer you 10% off your bridesmaid dresses.

I am on a budget, what price do your gowns start at?

Our brand new gowns start from around £700, but we also have a permanent sample sale rail where you can find a selection of our well looked after ex sample gowns at a fraction of their original price. Prices here start from as little as £200, so we like to think we can offer every bride their dream gown and experience as well as the best care and service throughout their journey with us.

Do you have flowergirl dresses?

We certainly do! From tiny flowergirls to teenagers and adult bridesmaids, we offer a selection of styles, sizes and colour choices for every age group.

My bridesmaids are all different shapes and sizes, how do I cater for them all? It’s going to be a nightmare!

You are not the only Bride to be worrying about this! But please don’t as we have a huge selection of sizes, styles and colours. They include some styles that have been expertly selected in plus sizes and teenage sizes to keep all your girls happy and feeling great.

Do you stock mens accessories to match my bridesmaid dresses?

We can order a selection of men’s accessories including cravats, ties, waistcoats and more. These are supplied by The Dessy Group, our bridesmaid dress designer, and come in the same colours as the bridesmaid dresses so you can be sure your colours will match perfectly.

How long do I need to allow to order my bridesmaid dresses?

Our bridesmaid dresses take 10 weeks to arrive and we allow 2-3 months for fittings and alterations. So ideally, 5-6 months before the wedding is the best time to order. However, we can accommodate shorter lead times. Please feel free to get in touch for more details, or speak to your consultant during your appointment.

I want to lose weight before my Wedding, what size do I order?

Many Brides are determined to lose weight or tone up before they walk down the aisle! Because of this we are incredibly experienced in making sure your gown fits you as you want to be on your big day. Just make sure you let us know during your appointment and we can talk you through everything. (Our opinion – don’t do it to yourself! You will fall in love with your gown as you are, so no need to lose a pound!)

I am getting married soon, will you have anything for me?

We certainly would have options for you! There is always a selection of our sample gowns available ‘off the peg’, and with amazing savings too. We also have excellent relationships with our professional and reliable designers, so they are always happy to help us help you have your dream dress at short notice, if they possibly can. Don’t ever feel pressured into making a decision on a gown, any shop worth it’s salt will put you first and make allowances so you can take time to make your decision should you need to. We never underestimate the importance of your happiness and would much rather you leave happy without purchasing a gown, than leave feeling unsure after committing to one.

Can I take photos?

Yes you can. It is a very exciting and enjoyable time and we fully expect that you want to take photographs to keep forever.



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